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Welcome to my LJ

Addressed to none friends who pop by:

This journal is friends only so if you want to know more about my oh so fantastic life feel free to add me as a friend and I'll soon let you in the zone where insanity lives and runs wild :D.

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I'm really wondering if you know that this is me. lol. aka...Kt. :p I added you last week...add me now!

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This is WeasleyIsOurKing from CoS. I've added you! :)

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hey i dont know you, but were the only two people that like diana porter.

this is also my pathetic atempt to make new friends.


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It's Fuchsia! We gotta cry over who dies in HBP (unless the character isn't hot).

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Hmmm anyone who can put up with Callam for the 2 weeks he was in England (or however long it was) must be insain :D

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Err hi...

Miri has sent me your way to give you some music tech advice, but given me a duff e-mail address for you (doh)
Ahem anyhoo... e-mail me - I gave her the correct address to give you :-p